Detail in Meghan Markle picture sparks new rumors about possible divorce from Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship began unconventionally, with an Instagram video catching Harry’s eye. They married in 2018 and faced both bliss and challenges. Their Netflix documentary series unveiled how they met. However, their marriage was later marred by accusations of royal indifference to Meghan’s mental health and concerns about Archie’s skin color.


Recent rumors suggest marital strain, and a photo without Meghan’s engagement ring intensified speculation. A source close to the couple debunked the divorce claims. Meghan’s subtle ring replacement might reflect evolving style or comfort. Kate Middleton also occasionally omits her engagement ring. Sources argue the ring may be “being fixed.”

Royal insiders deny impending divorce, and experts suggest Meghan’s ring change is more about style and practicality than relationship status