Fans claim they’ve spotted worrying details in first Kate Middleton video since surgery – “She had something done to her face”

Speculation surrounding Kate Middleton has intensified in recent months, with a video purportedly showing her sparking debate online. Some question the authenticity of the footage, suspecting a cover-up by the Royal Family due to their minimal updates following Kate’s surgery.

The controversy surrounding Kate’s Mother’s Day image has further fueled suspicion. Nelson Silva, who filmed the video, has come forward to address doubts, recounting his encounter with the royal couple at a farm shop.

Silva’s video elicited varied responses, with some accepting it as Kate’s first public appearance post-surgery, while others suggested alterations to her appearance, citing facial procedures or weight loss.

Defenders of Kate emphasize the potential effects of her surgery and recovery on her appearance. The question remains: Is the skepticism surrounding the video warranted? Share your thoughts below.