Queen Camilla handed new royal title in midst of King Charles and Kate Middleton’s recovery

As the royal family faces challenges with Kate Middleton’s recovery and King Charles’ cancer treatment, Queen Camilla has assumed a new role. With fewer active members, the family’s workload has increased. Prince William has also taken on more responsibilities.

The decision to disclose King Charles’ cancer diagnosis breaks from tradition. Royal expert Jennie Bond suggests that Queen Camilla may have influenced this choice. Despite her discomfort with public speaking, Camilla has embraced her duties in Charles’ absence, earning praise for her dedication.

During a recent meeting, King Charles expressed gratitude for the public’s support. Despite the difficulties, Queen Camilla remains steadfast, described by Angela Levin as Charles’ “rock.” However, the weight of these responsibilities takes a toll on her, as discussed on the Royally Obsessed podcast.

In these uncertain times, reports hint at a potential return to the royal fold for some members, reflecting the ongoing changes within the monarchy.