Queen Camilla ‘Outraged’ After Prince Harry’s Visit To See His Father For “Loving Son PR Stunt”, Claims Source

Reports of tension within the royal family surfaced after Prince Harry’s unannounced visit to see his father, King Charles, who is battling cancer. Queen Camilla allegedly expressed outrage, feeling Harry’s visit was a publicity stunt and criticizing his failure to seek permission beforehand.

Harry’s visit coincided with King Charles’ helicopter trip to Sandringham, preventing them from meeting in person. Details of their conversation remain undisclosed, adding to the speculation surrounding the King’s health.

Prince William reportedly declined to see Harry during his visit, further exacerbating tensions within the family. Queen Camilla, who has long been blamed by Harry for his parents’ divorce, felt particularly aggrieved by his actions.

According to a source, Camilla was furious at Harry’s lack of respect and accused him of exploiting his father’s illness for personal gain. Following their meeting, Camilla allegedly chastised Harry, making it clear he was not welcome to return.

The incident highlights ongoing rifts within the royal family, exacerbated by Harry’s unexpected visit during a sensitive time.