Queen Camilla ‘outraged’ after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father for “loving son PR stunt”, claims source

Amidst the British Royal Family’s recent challenges, Queen Camilla’s reported outrage over Prince Harry’s unapproved return from the US to visit his ailing father, King Charles III, has ignited further controversy. Sources cited by RadarOnline, referencing the National Enquirer, describe Camilla’s frustration with Harry’s decision to fly back without seeking palace consent, following Charles’s cancer diagnosis.

The situation was exacerbated when Harry allegedly insisted on Camilla’s absence during his brief meeting with Charles, a move that did not sit well with the Queen Consort. “Her Majesty was furious Harry flew in from his ritzy California home without getting palace approval — and came with an attitude,” an insider claimed. This episode has seemingly deepened the rift between Harry and the royal family, with Prince William also reportedly avoiding a reunion with his brother.

Camilla’s anger was palpable, with sources suggesting she viewed Harry’s actions as exploiting Charles’s illness for a “loving son PR stunt.” The encounter has reportedly led Camilla to convey her disappointment directly to Harry, branding his actions as disgraceful to the family and the monarchy, and making it clear he is not welcome.