William & Kate have this 1 strict rule for their children at home

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a strict rule for their children, including Princess Charlotte. They want their kids to grow up with the expectation of getting a job and not becoming full-time royals, in line with Prince Charles’s vision for a slimmed-down monarchy.

Princess Charlotte, aged seven, attends Lambrook School, where she enjoys various activities, including sports like soccer, cricket, rugby, and golf. Her favorite sport is gymnastics, which she practices at home.

The royal couple adopts a gentle parenting approach, using a “chat sofa” instead of a “naughty step” and avoiding shouting. They explain things calmly to their children and emphasize the importance of understanding how to lose gracefully and gain life lessons from it.

The royal children have a diet of fresh food, and they are expected to eat what’s served without fuss. They are encouraged to engage in outdoor activities and imagination-driven play, with limited use of gadgets.