Woman Visits Her Boyfriend to Surprise Him, Wife She Never Knew about Opens the Door

Lisa, a 28-year-old lawyer engaged to Max, discovers he’s married to Kate. Both betrayed, they team up for revenge. Unraveling Max’s lies, they find he’s been scamming them. Max fakes his father’s illness, extracts $50,000 from Lisa, and plans to sell Kate’s cherished painting.

Lisa and Kate decide to expose Max. Discovering his fake identity and a web of deceit, they plan to confront him. Kate suggests transferring money as a trap, tracking him with the police.

At a staged lunch, Lisa transfers money. Max, unaware, vanishes with Kate, leaving Lisa betrayed and penniless. Lisa realizes Max stole her family heirloom.

Hunting for her ring, Lisa discovers an underground auction in Chicago. Disguised, she bids against Kate and reclaims her ring for $300,000. Police arrest Kate, who reveals Max’s location.

Max is apprehended, facing charges. Lisa, though victorious, experiences bittersweet closure. Ready for a new beginning, she walks into the night, leaving behind the web of deception.