3-Year-Old Finds $4 Million Dollar Treasure Minutes Into His First Time Metal Detecting

Young James Hyatt, merely three years old, stumbled upon a captivating stroke of luck during his very first metal detecting adventure in Hockley, Essex. Within minutes of using the metal detector, James uncovered an ancient gold locket buried beneath the earth’s surface.

Experts dated the locket back to the early 16th century, possibly linked to the royal family of Henry VIII’s era. The relic, officially declared a treasure trove, promises a shared reward for James’s family and the landowner upon potential sale.

James’s father, Jason, marveled at his son’s luck, even comparing it to finding money in unexpected places. The locket, embellished with a Virgin Mary image and five bleeding hearts, holds immense historical value.

As this relic embarks on a new journey, it will be evaluated for potential acquisition by institutions like the British Museum.

James’s extraordinary discovery underscores that even the youngest can unveil remarkable treasures.