A New Chapter Of The Bible Has Been Discovered, And It “Could Change Everything”

A previously unknown section of the Bible, predating Jesus Christ’s birth by over 500 years, has surfaced, stirring anticipation among scholars across religions. This hidden chapter, possibly from the Book of Matthew, was written in ancient Syriac, providing insights into the text’s origin and authorship. Using UV light, researchers unveiled these ancient words within a manuscript stored in the Vatican Library for centuries.

Dr. Garrick Allen of the University of Glasgow, a leading researcher, explains the significance: “The Syriac translation of the Bible is important on its own as one of the earliest translations from Greek. It gives us insight into the earliest stages of the text and the communities that produced these translations.”

While the discovery consists of fragments, it sheds light on textual evolution and variations. Justin Brierley, an author, underscores its relevance in understanding the Bible’s authenticity: “The science of textual criticism, aided by discoveries like these, help historians to put together an extremely accurate picture of what the original gospels said.”

This revelation promises to reshape the understanding of the early Bible and its translations, inviting curiosity and discourse among religious communities.