A news reporter in Orlando gives an emotional account of the shooting that killed a fellow reporter; a 9-year-old girl also perished in the shooting spree in Orlando

WESH news reporter Luana Munoz was deeply emotional as she reported on a shooting spree in Orlando. The incident claimed three lives, including fellow reporter Dylan Lyons. Keith Moses, a Florida man, targeted someone he knew earlier in the day, and Lyons was covering the scene when Moses returned, shooting and killing him.

Moses also shot a colleague behind the camera, who is now in critical condition. Both worked for Spectrum News 13 but had no connection to the shooter. Munoz, after learning of Lyons’ death, tearfully reported from the hospital, describing the fear reporters have of such incidents.

The shooter, Moses, later entered a nearby home, shooting a mother and her 9-year-old daughter, who tragically died. Authorities are investigating without a clear motive. Moses, a 19-year-old with a criminal record, faces murder charges.

Spectrum News expressed condolences for their lost colleague and hoped for the recovery of the injured one. Orlando remains shaken by the tragedy.