If You See A Child With A Tiny Heart Drawn On Their Wrist, This Is What It Means

Liz Petrone’s viral Facebook post shares her touching approach to help her anxious son. As his anxiety escalated, Liz drew a heart on his wrist to provide comfort during the time they were apart due to school. The heart symbolized her love and support, acting as a reminder that someone cared for him no matter what challenges he faced.

Photo Credit: Liz Petrone/Facebook, Pexels

Liz wrote that the heart was meant to ease her son’s struggles, acknowledging the difficulty of navigating life’s challenges, especially during the holiday season. The heart on his wrist became a powerful symbol of reassurance, reminding him that he’s loved and cherished.

Photo Credit: Liz Petrone/Facebook, Pexels

The post quickly went viral, with many applauding the mother’s beautiful way of comforting her son during the time that they were apart.

“This is amazing….share it as far as it will go,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“Beautiful! Great idea,” another wrote.

“Good mom! Nice story,” another added.