If You Start Seeing These Vending Machines In Your Neighborhood, It’s Time To Pack Up And Move

Illegal vending machines selling crack pipes have been discovered on Long Island, New York, raising concerns about the local communities’ safety. Originally designed to sell tampons, these vending machines were refurbished to distribute crack pipes, enabling easy access to dangerous drug paraphernalia for drug addicts and even children.

Suffolk County, where these vending machines were found, has a history of drug abuse issues. Although the police are actively battling drug-related problems, new challenges keep emerging. The vending machines, selling “Sketch Pens” for two dollars each, dispense ceramic tubes that facilitate smoking the addictive drug.

Authorities are investigating who installed these vending machines, considering both drug dealers and opportunistic entrepreneurs as potential culprits. Suffolk County suffered a high rate of heroin-related deaths in the past, indicating the severity of its drug problem.

Community members and officials are appalled by these vending machines and are calling for action to address the issue. The discovery has sparked concerns about the safety and well-being of the local population, prompting investigations and efforts to eradicate this dangerous trend.