Michael J Fox Is Destroyed After The Loss Of His Fur Friend

Beloved actor Michael J. Fox recently shared the sad news of his dog Gus’s passing, a loyal companion throughout his battle with Parkinson’s disease. Fox posted a touching tribute on his Instagram, accompanied by a photo of the 12-year-old pooch, saying, “Gus — great dog and loyal friend, we’ll miss you.”

Michael J. Fox with his dog Gus. MICHAEL J. FOX/INSTAGRAM

In his memoir, Fox referred to Gus as a “wonder dog” for his unwavering support during his health struggles. He emphasized the unique bond between them, saying, “I didn’t rescue Gus; you can argue that he rescued me, but he’d be too modest to make that claim.”

During a CBS primetime special, Fox spoke about the profound impact Gus had on his life, describing how the dog’s presence provided comfort and connection, particularly during his battle with Parkinson’s. Fox shared that even after a surgery in 2018, which required him to relearn how to walk, Gus was there to greet him at the door and offer reassurance.

Gus’s unwavering companionship and support served as a reminder of the powerful connection between humans and their beloved pets, especially during challenging times.