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Matthew Perry, renowned for his role as Chandler in “Friends,” has recently alarmed fans with his transformed appearance. Once a heartthrob, known for dating high-profile actresses, Perry’s latest photos reveal a stark change. He has significantly gained weight and appeared disheveled in recent sightings in Beverly Hills, wearing an unclean T-shirt and laceless sneakers.

Perry’s health struggles have been public. He suffered a gastrointestinal perforation two years ago, a critical condition that nearly cost him his life. He also battles acute pancreatitis.

Additionally, Perry has been open about his long-standing battle with addiction.

He sought treatment for Vicodin addiction in 1997 and 2001, and has admitted to struggling with alcohol and drugs, affecting his memory of filming the first three seasons of “Friends.”

In 2013, Perry stated he was winning his fight against addiction, despite the challenges of concealing it earlier in his career. His current appearance reflects these personal and health challenges he’s faced over the years.