‘Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff breaks silence on relationship with ex Matt 7 years after bitter divorce

Amy Roloff, of “Little People, Big World,” shares insights into her relationship with ex-husband Matt Roloff seven years after their intense divorce. In an exclusive interview, the 61-year-old reality star discussed her personal growth and what viewers can expect in the upcoming season of the show.

Reflecting on her evolving dynamics with Matt and his fiancée Caryn Chandler, Amy revealed their participation in a significant fundraising event, marking a milestone in their relationship. Amy, who remarried in 2021, acknowledged the challenges in her post-divorce journey, admitting, “I did not want anything to do with Matt” for a significant period.

With the help of her new husband, Chris Malek, Amy recognized the need to break down emotional walls and foster a more amicable coexistence for the sake of their shared family. She admitted to past mistakes and emphasized the importance of moving forward, stating, “We may say things, we may do this, some tense moments and stuff but, you know, in the end, we’re family.”

Chris Malek also highlighted the positive turn in their relationship, noting the rarity of amicable connections after divorces and expressing gratitude that they have moved beyond animosity. The couple, along with Matt and Caryn, now occasionally gathers for enjoyable moments, showcasing a unique post-divorce friendship that defies the common narrative of acrimony.