11-Year-Old Freaks Out After Catching ‘Alarming’ Fish In Oklahoma Pond

A typical afternoon turned extraordinary when 11-year-old Charlie, fishing in his Oklahoma backyard pond, pulled out a surprising fish. The unusual find was a pacu, resembling a piranha but larger and with human-like teeth. Native to South America, its appearance in an Oklahoma pond was remarkable.

Photo Credit: Janna Leach Clinton/Facebook

Sharing the catch on Facebook attracted attention, with game wardens noting the pacu’s invasive nature. Charlie’s desire to catch the fish again remained undeterred. Despite an offer to cook the pacu, his family plans to mount it as a special prize.

Experts believe the pacu was a released pet. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation stressed the harm of releasing pets into the wild, endangering native wildlife.

While the pacu is notorious for its nickname “the ball cutter,” experts clarify this is rare. It primarily feeds on nuts and seeds from plants. Known for its mild, slightly sweet taste, pacu offers a unique culinary experience akin to striped bass, tilapia, and rainbow trout.

Photo Credit: Janna Leach Clinton/Facebook

Charlie’s pursuit of the elusive fish highlights the thrill of the catch. Regardless of success, this exceptional fishing adventure will remain a cherished memory for him and his family.