13-year-old boy stops kidnapper with a $3 toy his mom bought for him

In a remarkable act of bravery, 13-year-old Owen Burns used a $3 slingshot to thwart a kidnapper’s attempt to abduct his 8-year-old sister. Owen’s heroic intervention unfolded as he was about to enjoy a video game, Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

When Owen first heard his sister’s screams, he brushed them off as mere annoyance. Little did he know that these screams were cries for help. Later, from his bedroom window, he spotted a stranger trying to abduct his sister into nearby woods. Without hesitation, Owen grabbed his slingshot and ammunition, taking aim at the kidnapper.

He recounted, “He was swearing. He was cussing.” With precise shots, Owen hit the kidnapper in the head and chest. His actions saved his sister from a potentially grave situation.

The incident occurred in Michigan’s Alpena Township, where kidnappings are rare. The 17-year-old kidnapper, who remains unidentified, will face adult charges.

Lt. John Grimshaw commended Owen’s extraordinary courage, emphasizing that Owen had likely saved his sister’s life. Owen’s simple $3 slingshot, a product of practice on old orange juice cans, became a life-saving tool.

Owen’s mother, Maggie Burns, initially had doubts about her son’s claims but soon realized the gravity of the situation. Owen’s heroic act reminds us that real-life heroics can mirror movie scenes.