13-Year-Old Builds Own House For $1.5k, Reveals 89 Sq Ft Masterpice When He Opens Door

At just 13 years old, Luke Thill from Dubuque, Iowa, embarked on an extraordinary journey to construct his own tiny home. Inspired by YouTube videos, Luke used a $1,500 budget from odd jobs and parental support to bring his dream to life in his family’s backyard.

With the help of his father for construction and his mother for interior design, Luke received community support through material donations and exchanged services. After 18 months of hard work, he completed an 89-square-foot tiny home. It featured a functional kitchen, a living room with a drop-down dining table, and a cozy lofted bed area. Although not for full-time living, it became a space for hosting friends and family events.

Luke’s journey didn’t stop there. At 14, he teamed up with his twin brother Cole to build a 36-square-foot teardrop camper for their adventures. With his experience from the tiny home project, Luke provided guidance. The camper cost $2,500 but proved to be a worthwhile investment. They’ve since enjoyed over 50 camping trips across the country.

Now 17 and a high school junior, Luke’s future aspirations go beyond construction. He aims to become a paramedic, focusing on helping others. His unique journey with tiny homes has provided invaluable skills and shaped his passion for making a difference. Luke’s story exemplifies creativity, community, and a dedication to turning dreams into reality.