27-year-old pays $0 to live in a ‘luxury tiny home’—how she built it for $4,000: ‘I forget I’m living in a shed’

In 2020, I spent over $4,000 constructing a microhome in the backyard of my 1,400-square-foot Atlanta, Georgia home.

The rent I receive from my primary residence now covers my mortgage, property taxes, and utility expenses, making it possible for me to live there for free.

Although it’s only 296 square feet in size, this home makes good use of its space. I have a tendency to forget that I am confined to a shed.

The trend of tiny houses is just taking off in the United States, but getting one built isn’t as simple as it may seem. My suggestions for constructing a little house in the yard:

First, you should research the zoning regulations in your area.
Some big cities are relaxing laws on tiny homes to increase the housing supply, while many others still have stringent limitations on what can be built on private property.

Zoning regulations are often listed with a property’s address on a city’s zoning map. Do a fast Google search with your city’s name and the terms “zoning map” or “zoning office.”

If you are still having trouble, you should contact the city’s planning and construction division.