34-year-old Tom Jones’ second son Jonathan inherited his famous father’s voice and brooding looks. “Not having a father growing up was tough.

Tom Jones, a renowned vocalist and judge on “The Voice UK,” has an estranged son named Jonathan, who inherited his talent. Born from a brief affair, Jones hasn’t met Jonathan, admitting, “Not having a father growing up was tough.” Jones, born in Wales in 1940, soared to fame with hits like “It’s Not Unusual” and “What’s New Pussycat?”

Jones’ early career saw him discovered by producer Peter Sullivan, leading to hits and a move to the US. Despite musical success, his personal life, including numerous affairs, has drawn attention. His wife, Melinda, supported him until her death in 2016, leaving Jones shattered. He sought therapy to cope and sold their mansion.

Jones also has a son, Mark, with Melinda, who manages his affairs. However, his relationship with Jonathan remains strained. Jonathan, struggling as a musician and occasionally homeless, reached out to Jones, but received no response. He expressed his longing for a connection, saying, “All I ever wanted was his love.” Despite attempts, Jonathan remains excluded from his father’s life, yearning for acceptance and recognition.