4 Tips to Remove Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets often accumulate grease and dirt, making them look dull over time. Here are four natural methods to help you restore their shine:

  1. Dish Soap & White Vinegar Mix
    • Ingredients: 2 tbsp organic dish soap, 50 cl warm water, 25 cl white vinegar.
    • Method: Mix ingredients and soak a sponge or cloth. Scrub cabinets, rinse, and wipe with a microfiber cloth. For wooden cabinets, polish with mineral oil for a perfect finish.
    • “Grease and dirt stains on your cupboards are now a thing of the past.”
  2. Curd Soap Cleanse
    • Ingredients: Warm water, 1 tbsp liquid curd soap.
    • Method: Mix and scrub cabinets with a sponge. Rinse with a damp cloth. Alternatively, use soft soap for similar results.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar Solution
    • Ingredients: Equal parts apple cider vinegar and water.
    • Method: Boil the mixture, let it cool, and scrub cabinets with a soaked sponge. Rinse with cold water.
  4. Baking Soda Scrub
    • Note: Avoid on wooden cabinets as it can be abrasive.
    • Method: Apply baking soda directly or mix with water, scrub, and rinse.

For Painted Cabinets: Mix linseed oil, turpentine, and flour. Scrub with a sponge, rinse, and dry.


  • How often to clean cabinets? At least once a month or more if you cook frequently.
  • Safe for all cabinet materials? Yes, but be gentle with wooden surfaces.
  • Is mineral oil necessary post-cleaning? It’s optional but helps restore shine to wooden cabinets.
  • Cleaning cabinet hardware? Use warm water and mild dish soap.
  • Can I use these on painted cabinets? Yes, but test a small area first, especially with baking soda.

With these methods, your cabinets will not only be grease-free but also eco-friendly clean!