A Future Supermodel Is Growing Up! This Is What John Travolta’s and Late Kelly Preston’s Son Looks Like

In 2010, John Travolta and Kelly Preston welcomed their son Benjamin, defying doctors’ warnings about Kelly’s age; she was 47 at the time. The couple, who first met during an audition in 1989, married two years later and formed a loving family with three children.

Travolta cherished his role as a father, especially after the tragic loss of their son Jett at 14 due to a seizure-related accident. Despite Jett’s earlier diagnosis with Kawasaki disease, their daughter Ella brought them immense joy when she was born in 2000.

Kelly’s determination led her to defy medical advice and give birth to Benjamin, who brought renewed purpose and happiness to the family. Benjamin’s presence brought tranquility, but tragedy struck again in 2017 when Kelly passed away from breast cancer, leaving Travolta to embrace single parenthood.

Despite the hardships, Travolta cherishes his children, with Benjamin growing into a handsome young man today. The family’s journey is marked by love, resilience, and the profound bond they share. Travolta’s commitment to fatherhood stands as a testament to the enduring strength of their family, navigating both joys and sorrows with grace and resilience.