A MAN gets criticized for dating a 252-pound woman, but they are bound for life. “People look at us strangely.”

The story between Matt Montgomery and Brittany Jacques defies standards of beauty and shows that true love is more significant than outward appearances. Brittany decided to put herself first and reject love because she had already been rejected and subjected to body shaming. But fate had other plans.

In August 2020, Matt and Brittany connected on Facebook. Even though Matt had a slim frame and Brittany was plus-sized, they instantly clicked. Because of her previous relationships, which had caused her to change her physical appearance, Brittany was cautious. But they couldn’t deny their chemistry, so they chose to follow their hearts.

Online trolls mocked the couple and said derogatory things about Matt’s masculinity and their relationship. They remained steadfast in their love despite the criticism and refused to let negativity interfere with their relationship. They stood together, ready to show that love knows no boundaries.