A Mom’s Baby Was Sucked Into A Tornado But When She Looked Up At A Tree Her Breath Caught In Her Throat

In a heart-stopping incident in Tennessee on December 9, a tornado tore through Sydney Moore and Aramis Youngblood’s mobile home, causing chaos. The storm forcefully swept up their four-month-old son, Lord, in his bassinet, while Sydney instinctively shielded their one-year-old, Princeton, from the collapsing structure. “Something in me just told me to run and jump on top of my son,” Sydney recalled.

Amidst the tornado’s fury, Aramis struggled to hold onto the airborne bassinet. Sydney described the surreal moment of seeing Aramis return with Lord through the storm-ravaged area. “I saw [Aramis] walking through the woods, carrying Lord… It was like a scene in a movie,” she told Good Morning America.

Miraculously, Lord was found safe, nestled in what Sydney called a “little tree cradle.” Lt. Steven Bryant of Clarksville Fire Rescue, who assisted in the aftermath, likened the scene to a battle zone. Despite the destruction, Lord only sustained minor injuries, including a concussion and an ear cut.

Following the disaster, Sydney’s sister, Caitlyn Moore, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support the family. The campaign successfully raised over $105,000, greatly exceeding its goal and aiding the family in rebuilding their lives, including buying a new home and car. This harrowing yet miraculous story underscores the resilience of a family and the power of community support in the face of adversity.