A woman found food thrown at the door of her house, but she ignored the sign.

Maria Celino-Straker from Manchester, UK, was startled to find a can of red beans thrown at her doorstep. Initially dismissing it as a prank by neighborhood children, her perspective shifted dramatically after a conversation with a relative, a former police officer. He explained that such incidents are not mere pranks but potentially serious warnings.

According to the officer, food scraps or objects left at a house’s entrance could indicate that a thief is targeting the property. These items serve as a test to see if the house is unoccupied: if they remain untouched, it signals to the thief that no one is home, making it a prime target for burglary.

Shaken by this revelation, Celino-Straker took to Facebook to share her experience. She wrote about the incident and the police officer’s explanation, aiming to alert others to this subtle yet significant sign of potential danger. This information serves as a crucial reminder to be vigilant and aware of seemingly innocuous occurrences that could have deeper implications for home security.