Abusive boyfriend brings woman to McDonald’s – then employees see her mouth ‘help me’

On Christmas Eve, employees at a McDonald’s in Lodi, California, played a crucial role in potentially saving a woman’s life. A couple entered the restaurant, but it was clear the woman needed help. She managed to ask an employee to call 911 and provided the vehicle’s license plate number. Employees discreetly told her to use the restroom to buy time.

When she returned to the counter, her companion, Eduardo Valenzuela, urged her to use the drive-thru. Fortunately, the employee had already called the police and slowed down the drive-thru line. The woman silently mouthed “help me” at the drive-thru window.

The police arrived just in time and ordered the car to stop. The woman revealed that Valenzuela had threatened her with a gun to drive him to see his family. Police found a loaded firearm in the car, leading to Valenzuela’s arrest.

The McDonald’s where this happened is part of the Safe Place program, a national initiative offering immediate help and safety to young people in crisis. This certification played a vital role in aiding the woman. There are over 20,000 Safe Place sites in the US.

This incident underscores the importance of such programs and the vigilance of caring employees in unexpected situations.