Actress Sally Field was the love of Burt Reynolds’ life, but she refused to speak to him in his final 30 years

Burt Reynolds, the beloved actor who passed away in 2018, left a lasting impact on those who knew him, especially his former girlfriend Sally Field. Sally, now 76, recently opened up about their relationship.

Burt once revealed, “I only had one true love,” and that was Sally Field. He even fought for her to get a role in “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Their love story began with mutual admiration, with Sally feeling “sexy” around Burt. They starred in films together, but their nearly five-year relationship had its challenges. Sally later described how Burt’s stardom became controlling, and they eventually parted ways in 1980. She wrote in her memoir, “Blindly I fell into a rut… a soul-binding commitment to this man.”

Despite their split, Burt never forgot Sally and expressed remorse for losing her. Sadly, Sally cut off contact with him for over 30 years. After Burt’s death, she shared her sentiments, saying, “My years with Burt never leave my mind.”

Sally cherished their time together, but she’s relieved Burt didn’t have to read her memories, acknowledging their relationship was “confusing, complicated, and hurtful.” While their love story had its ups and downs, Sally’s affection for Burt endures.