After 14 years, the woman delivered quadruplets who are identical to each other: Here’s how the girls appear now

Multiple pregnancies are exceedingly rare, with the likelihood of having quadruplets estimated at one case in several tens of millions. Julia’s discovery of carrying four embryos during her first ultrasound presented a complex situation, as the children were developing in the same placenta. Despite being advised to terminate the pregnancy, Julia adamantly refused.

Following a caesarean section, it was revealed that all four girls were healthy, although two initially had low birth weights. Remarkably, all the girls bore a striking resemblance to each other, a similarity that has persisted over time, leading to frequent mistaken identity.

The unusual family dynamic has intrigued those around them, who often struggle to discern differences between the girls, even though they wear identical glasses. Despite this, the girls themselves are content with their situation, as their shared appearance has garnered them popularity. They have even received collaboration offers from clothing brands, embracing their unique bond and the attention it brings.