After 60 years in film, actress Claudia Cardinale reveals that cinema saved her life

Actress Claudia Cardinale, who graced screens for over 60 years, unveils how cinema saved her life. She insists she’s an untouched “God masterpiece.” Her career, though unplanned, led her to stardom paved by traumatic experiences. At 85, Cardinale credits cinema for her longevity.

Cardinale’s enduring legacy in Italian and international film is defined by her talent, Mediterranean beauty, and captivating presence. Despite her age, she remains active in the movie industry.

Discovered at 18 during an Italian film festival in Tunisia, she was crowned “Most Beautiful Italian Girl.” Rejecting initial offers due to pregnancy, she eventually signed an 18-year contract with producer Franco Cristaldi, who controlled her life and concealed her pregnancy.

Despite her tumultuous relationship with Cristaldi, Cardinale’s career thrived. She starred in acclaimed films like “8½” and “The Leopard.” She transitioned to Hollywood with roles in “The Pink Panther” and “Once Upon a Time in the West.”

Cardinale, known as the Italian Brigitte Bardot, chose not to appear nude in films, prioritizing imagination. She left Hollywood, prioritizing her identity over money, and remained true to herself throughout her career.

Today, she’s actively involved with UNESCO, championing women’s rights. Cardinale’s life is marked by both trauma and triumph, inspiring others with her story.