After heartbreaking divorce, Brad Pitt, 60, has new girlfriend who makes him “very happy” – and you might recognize her

After a challenging divorce from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, 60, has found joy in his relationship with Ines de Ramon. Pitt celebrated his 60th birthday with a low-key week, highlighting his commitment to de Ramon. Described as his “first proper relationship since the divorce,” de Ramon is introduced by Pitt as his girlfriend, and insiders say she makes him “very happy.”

The road to happiness has been rocky for Pitt since his highly publicized divorce from Jolie in 2016, known as ‘Brangelina.’ Jolie filed for divorce, and their custody battle over six children has been ongoing. Pitt faced public scrutiny, with recent headlines involving a critical Instagram post from his adopted son, Pax, expressing displeasure with his father.

Despite past challenges, Pitt’s newfound happiness with de Ramon signifies a positive turn in his personal life.