After Man Starts Strumming A Few Chords On His Guitar, 18-Year-Old Parrot Amazingly Sings A Song Known By Millions

Amid the pandemic, Frank Maglio Jr. of Florida found solace in playing his guitar more frequently. His pet parrot, Tico, an Amazon parrot adopted from an older British woman, unexpectedly joined in with melodious vocals.

While strumming “Stairway to Heaven,” Tico remarkably began singing along. Gina, Frank’s wife, captured the unique duet on video and shared it on Facebook. The response was overwhelming.

Frank established a YouTube channel called “Tico & The Man Frank Maglio,” amassing over 250,000 subscribers. He continues sharing their musical collaborations on Facebook as well.

Viewers adore Tico’s voice, noting how it brightens their days. Comments reflect the joy they bring, with one individual mentioning the comfort the videos provided after a car accident. Another praised Tico’s impressive vibrato and tonal agility, hailing Frank and Tico as a magical duo.

This heartwarming partnership showcases the unexpected connections and positivity that can arise during challenging times.