After photo emerges of Alyssa Milano and her son, 12, at the Super Bowl, fans spot detail that leaves people furious

Alyssa Milano recently faced backlash after being spotted with her 12-year-old son at the Super Bowl, shortly after soliciting donations for his baseball team’s trip.

Critics pointed out the perceived inconsistency between her fundraising requests and her ability to afford Super Bowl tickets. Milano had previously appealed to her followers on social media to support her son’s team’s journey to Cooperstown, New York, with a GoFundMe campaign aiming to raise $10,000. Some internet users criticized Milano, highlighting her reported net worth of $10 million and questioning the necessity of public fundraising.

In response to the criticism, particularly the negative comments directed towards her son’s social media, Milano defended her actions by stating that fundraising for children’s sports teams is common and that she cannot afford to cover the costs for the entire team.

She emphasized the importance of focusing on the children’s experiences and requested that critics refrain from donating if they disagree with her methods. This situation has sparked a debate on social media about celebrity fundraising practices, the costs associated with youth sports, and the public’s expectations of how celebrities should use their wealth.