Alicia Silverstone Defends Herself Against Mom-Shaming Comments Over Her Parenting Style

Alicia Silverstone, famous for roles like Clueless, defends her unconventional parenting choices on The Ellen Fisher Podcast. She proudly identifies as a ‘natural mama,’ emphasizing her reliance on instincts and research, similar to her long-standing vegan lifestyle. She reiterated co-sleeping with her 12-year-old son, Bear, as a natural practice, pointing to nature’s ways.

Silverstone discussed her choice to have only one child, expressing her initial desire to cherish every moment with Bear and later, relationship issues dissuaded her from expanding her family. Her parenting journey has attracted criticism for diverse choices, like pre-chewing Bear’s food when he was a toddler, early potty training, allowing him to grow his hair, and controlling his sugar intake—all considered foundational by Silverstone.

Her steadfast commitment to her parenting principles mirrors her dedication to veganism, reflecting her deep belief in the power of love and nature as she navigates the unique journey of motherhood.