Am I Wrong for Kicking My Wife and Her Daughter Out of My House in the Middle of the Night?

A 32-year-old man sought support on social media after an incident led him to oust his wife and her 15-year-old daughter from his house. The man, married for a year to Andy, discovered the teenager, Carrie, intentionally damaging his expensive car. Despite trying to build a relationship with Carrie, her disruptive behavior escalated, leading to a breaking point when she caused $6K in damages to the man’s BMW X5.

The man, struggling with his temper, confronted Carrie, prompting his wife to side with her daughter. Frustrated, the man asked both of them to leave immediately. Feeling regret later, he sought opinions online about his actions. Some Redditors supported him, blaming the wife for not controlling her daughter’s behavior. However, others pointed out legal complexities, suggesting that, being married, the man would essentially be suing himself if he pursued legal action.

In the aftermath, the man reported Carrie to the police, leading to a criminal record for the teenager. The strained relationships led the man to divorce his wife and sign the papers. The incident raised questions about family dynamics, discipline, and legal accountability for the teenager’s actions.