Am I Wrong For Making My Husband Choose Between His Mother and Me After The Birth of Our Baby?

Elle recounts the dramatic birth of her son, Wyatt, marred by her controlling mother-in-law, Sandra. Sandra attempts to convince Elle’s husband, Levi, that Elle is an unfit mother and presents a legal document rejecting parental rights. Elle, determined to protect her child, stands up against Sandra’s scheme.

With her parents’ support, Elle takes immediate legal action, and the court dismisses Sandra’s claims due to lack of evidence and coercion. Elle confronts Levi, giving him an ultimatum: choose between her and their son or his mother. Levi, torn, ultimately chooses Sandra. Elle, unwilling to live in the shadow of Sandra’s control, files for divorce.

Despite legal challenges from Levi, Elle prevails in retaining custody of Wyatt. She reflects on the pain of betrayal but finds solace in her son’s happiness and artistic growth. Elle questions if asking Levi to choose was wrong but concludes that her decision was necessary for Wyatt’s well-being.

In the end, Elle cherishes the moments with her son, acknowledging the strength she found in standing up for herself and Wyatt.