Amal Clooney was called ‘ugly’ and chastised for having skinny legs – George’s response is spot on.

George Clooney remains enamored with his wife Amal despite criticism from some fans. He described her as “magical” and without downsides, highlighting her intellect and values. Their whirlwind romance led to marriage in 2014 after a six-month courtship.

Amal, a renowned human rights attorney, faced intense scrutiny upon entering the public eye, with social media users often focusing on her appearance rather than her accomplishments. Even major news outlets reduced her to “actor’s wife,” sparking backlash.

Despite the challenges, Amal’s work has been recognized by Time magazine, where she was featured among Women of the Year in 2022. She remains undeterred by the spotlight and criticism, focusing on her advocacy work.

George continues to praise Amal’s beauty, style, and intellect, emphasizing her ability to balance a demanding career with family life. The couple, blessed with twin daughters, cherishes their time together at their Lake Como residence.

In George’s words, theirs is a fortunate union, where they feel lucky to have found each other. Their enduring love story captivates admirers worldwide.