Angel lost…

Receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis is devastating, especially when it involves children. Delaney Krings, a four-year-old from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in October 2022.

Initially, her symptoms were thought to be an ear infection, but her condition worsened, leading to a heartbreaking discovery. Delaney had diffuse midline glioma (DMG), an aggressive brain tumor with limited treatment options.

Her family decided to make her fifth birthday special, and their story resonated globally. Thousands of cards and videos poured in, along with a birthday procession organized by Wisconsin Truck Takeover Enthusiasts. Delaney celebrated her fifth birthday, knowing it might be her last.

Sadly, Delaney passed away on January 28, 2023, but her story continues to inspire kindness. Her mother hopes it will lead to “a ripple of small deeds of kindness.” Delaney’s short life touched hearts worldwide, reminding us to cherish and support those facing cancer, especially children.