Angelina Jolie Once Hired Own Brother As Full-Time Nanny for Her 6 Kids — Inside Their Relationship

James Haven, brother of Angelina Jolie, played a significant role in caring for her six children and shared a close bond with her. Despite occasional rumors of discord, their upbringing by a loving mother provided a stable foundation away from the spotlight. While Jolie pursued a career in Hollywood, Haven opted for a more private life, working in various roles in the entertainment industry.

Their relationship gained attention during the 2006 Academy Awards when Jolie’s emotional speech led to speculation about their closeness. However, both siblings vehemently denied any inappropriate relationship. Following Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt, their dynamic shifted, leading to Haven’s departure as a full-time caregiver and a perceived distance between them.

Nevertheless, Haven remained a supportive figure in Jolie’s life, seeking her advice and acknowledging her influence on his romantic choices. He praised her acting prowess and their shared commitment to philanthropy. Despite their separate paths, Haven maintains a positive outlook on their bond, even as they maintain a lower public profile together.

As Haven continues to navigate his career and personal life, his connection with Jolie serves as a testament to the enduring strength of sibling bonds, despite the challenges and changes life may bring.