Are some candidates too old to be running for president? How age will play a role in the 2024 campaign

Voters worry about candidates’ age, highlighted by incidents involving Sen. Mitch McConnell (81) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (90). President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, both in their 70s, are the oldest 2024 race contenders. Biden’s age (80) raises concerns, with 37% of Democratic and Independent voters saying it affects their support, per a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll. Trump, 77, faces similar questions.

Candidate Ages & Their Impact The 2024 race has a diverse field, with fresh faces and experienced leaders. Age has been a constant topic since the previous election. Voters weigh the wisdom of age against its demands.

Age’s Role in Prior Elections Age influences candidates’ energy and acuity, though its impact varies. Former President Ronald Reagan was the oldest previous candidate. Increasing life expectancy contributes to candidates running in their 70s.

Health & Cognitive Fitness Gerontology researcher Jennifer Ailshire notes age itself isn’t limiting; physical and cognitive fitness matter. Momentary lapses don’t always signify cognitive decline. Voters should observe candidates closely.

Biden vs. Trump: ‘Life Begins at 80′ Biden (82) or Trump (78) would have advanced ages if reelected. Trump’s dismissive stance contrasts with concerns over Biden’s occasional slips. Voters must assess candidates’ conditions during the campaign trail.

Informed Voting Voters must recognize the challenges aging can pose in the demanding presidential role. Close observation during campaigns helps determine candidates’ suitability.