Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kids with Maria Shriver ‘Don’t Love’ His Illegitimate Son Who’s ‘Snubbed’ by Them, Claims Source

There are tensions within Arnold Schwarzenegger’s family regarding his lovechild, Joseph Baena, born to the actor’s former housekeeper. Maria Shriver’s children with Schwarzenegger are rumored to have a distant relationship with Baena, creating a “family rift.”

During the launch of Schwarzenegger’s Netflix series, he was joined by his children Katherine, Christina, and Patrick, but Baena was also present. Despite being close to his father, Baena reportedly doesn’t interact much with Shriver’s children.

An insider shared that Shriver’s children “don’t love Joe,” blaming him for the affair that led to his birth. Despite Schwarzenegger treating all his children equally, the situation remains strained.

Baena expressed pride in his father’s accomplishments on social media, particularly praising his new show “FUBAR.” Followers commented on the unfair treatment Baena receives from his own family and speculated about racial bias.

The conflict between Schwarzenegger’s children came to light at the FUBAR premiere, where Baena stayed for the after-party while his siblings left. Although Schwarzenegger maintains a close relationship with Baena, the strained dynamics remain due to the circumstances of his birth.

Schwarzenegger loves all his children and navigates the situation with care and respect, despite the challenges posed by the past affair.