As soon as you see one of these on your street, start packing

On Long Island, New York, criminals have installed vending machines selling crack pipes, posing a threat to local communities. These machines, initially designed to sell tampons, have been illegally placed in public areas and refurbished to distribute drug paraphernalia. Police have confirmed, “The machines were originally designed to sell tampons but were refurbished to distribute crack pipes to the public, everyone from drug addicts to curious children.”

Thankfully, police have removed three crack pipe vending machines, preventing easy access to these dangerous items. Suffolk County, with a long history of drug abuse, struggles to make a lasting impact despite their efforts. As police fix one issue, criminals devise new schemes, like these vending machines selling “Sketch Pens.” The criminals charge two dollars per ceramic tube, an outrage to the public.

The Suffolk County Police Department continues to work hard to combat drug-related problems, but the constant innovation by criminals remains a significant challenge.