At 56, Julia Roberts causes stir as she debuts new hairstyle for fans – “not the same person”

Julia Roberts is known for her ever-changing hairstyles, and her latest switch-up may be the most eye-catching yet. The iconic actress, usually seen with darker hair, recently debuted luscious blonde locks on Instagram. The post garnered plenty of praise, but reactions on Facebook were mixed.

Some fans loved the new look, while others had reservations. Comments like “Not the same person,” and “Bleached blonde is not for her,” dominated the conversation. Others felt that “Red is so much prettier,” and one speculated, “She probably went with blond because she is grey. Blond covers grey better.”

Roberts has always been a trendsetter, and her hair transformations are no exception. Despite some negative feedback, her bold choices in style and fashion keep her in the spotlight.

Earlier this year, Roberts shared one of her biggest regrets in an interview with Vogue: not going to college. “I couldn’t. It wasn’t in my cards,” she revealed. “My family didn’t have the money. And I had no scholarship potential. That kind of thing.”

Roberts’ candid reflections and evolving style demonstrate her ability to surprise and inspire fans. Whether she’s donning dark locks or going blonde, the actress continues to make waves in the industry. Her latest hair transformation is just another example of her enduring appeal and ability to keep her audience guessing.