At 78, Helen Mirren debuted a wild look in runway appearance – and everyone’s saying the same thing

At 78, Helen Mirren, known for her versatile career in acting, writing, and modeling, made a striking appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Fans on social media couldn’t help but praise her stunning look, from her makeup to her wild hair.

The actress, who received the title of Dame from Queen Elizabeth II in 2003, gained recognition in 1980 with “The Long Good Friday.” Her enduring partnership with director Taylor Hackford began during the making of “White Nights” in 1985.

Mirren, a vocal critic of ageist beauty standards, expressed her dislike for being called the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire. She believes that being powerful is more intriguing than being beautiful. Mirren’s recent appearance at the Ora! Film Festival in Italy, wearing a bold pink maxi dress and flaunting long, silvery-white hair, challenged conventional notions of aging gracefully.

Despite societal expectations, Mirren embraced her long hair, which she grew during the COVID-19 pandemic. She walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week for L’Oréal’s spring/summer 2024 collection, donning a silver sequined gown and a distinctive crimped hairstyle.

Her fans praised her timeless beauty and applauded her for inspiring older women in the fashion industry.