Aussie Woman, 80, Cops Three ‘Nasty’ Bites Freeing Puppy From Python

An 80-year-old woman from Lennox Head, Australia, became a hero when she rescued her puppy from a carpet python. She heard her dog making distressed noises and rushed to find the python coiled around her pet. Despite being bitten three times by the snake, she managed to free her puppy.

The brave woman’s daughter shared the story online, calling her mother “amazing.” She posted a photo of her mom holding the snake by its tail and inspecting her arm, which was bitten during the rescue. Australians praised her bravery and toughness, calling her a “legend” and a “trooper.”

Concerned citizens advised her to go to the hospital to prevent infection from the snake bites. Despite the risks, the woman’s love for her puppy compelled her to take action.

Carpet pythons have strong bites, and handling wild snakes requires a license. According to wildlife protection guidelines, interfering with wild snakes is not recommended. However, experts understood the urgency of the situation and commended the woman’s courage.

While technically she might have breached wildlife guidelines, her actions were driven by her love for her pet. A snake specialist acknowledged her tough decision and praised her for her determination. Despite the risks, the woman’s priority was saving her beloved puppy from harm.