Baby called ‘hideous’ is a gorgeous grown-up little girl now

Angelica, born in 2018 with a distinctive port wine stain birthmark, faced hurtful comments and was called “hideous” and a “defect.” Her mother, Marianna Bowering, decided to counter this negativity by celebrating Angelica’s uniqueness. She used makeup to create a replica of her daughter’s birthmark on her own face, sharing the message that their differences should be embraced, not concealed.

Despite some suggesting that Angelica could hide her birthmark or that it would fade with time, Marianna and her husband were determined to teach their daughter that her natural beauty should be celebrated. They even added glitter to make the birthmark shine.

While children with such birthmarks may face health concerns, Angelica has remained healthy, with regular check-ups.

Marianna’s actions showcase the importance of acceptance and love for all, regardless of appearance.

She is committed to ensuring that Angelica grows up knowing she’s beautiful just as she is. This heartwarming story of resilience and maternal love is a reminder that beauty comes in many forms.