Barrister sparks fierce debate as she urges ALL pregnant women to give babies their name

A London-based barrister, Dr. Charlotte Proudman, has ignited a spirited debate by urging pregnant women to consider giving their children their own surnames instead of the father’s. In her viral tweet, she emphasized the maternal role in a child’s life and questioned long-standing naming traditions.

Dr. Proudman’s tweet argued for mothers to choose their surnames, given their significant role in childbirth and upbringing. This call for maternal surnames has polarized opinions, with some viewing it as a symbol of a father’s commitment while others highlight the importance of recognizing the mother’s name.


The discussion extends to parental involvement and responsibility. Some suggest that using the father’s surname reinforces his commitment, while others counter that names do not determine dedication. Advocates for maternal surnames argue it can lead to a fairer distribution of parenting duties.