Beauty Pageant Is Being Sued For Choosing The Winner Based On Appearance

A feminist group, “Dare to be a Feminist,” is suing Miss France, alleging discrimination based on contestants’ appearances. Three former contestants, now part of the group, argue that Miss France violates French labor laws by requiring contestants to be single, a certain height, and “representative of beauty.” They also claim the pageant discriminates based on morals, age, family status, and physical appearance.

The lawsuit’s success hinges on whether the pageant and its TV production company are considered employers under French law. While contestants don’t sign employment contracts, a previous contestant’s similar mistreatment case supports their claim. Critics argue that the pageant is outdated, but it remains popular in France.

Miss France asserts it has evolved and promotes women’s rights, even though contestants still wear swimsuits and ballgowns. The organization did not comment on the lawsuit. Alyssa Ahrabare, head of the feminist group, said, “We have decided to use the law to advance the cause of women.”