Beloved TIKTOKER, Known for Her Hilarious Cooking Videos, Dead After Private Battle

Beloved TikTok cooking sensation, Lynn Yamada Davis, known for her lively and humorous culinary videos, has passed away at 67. Lynn’s daughter, Hannah Marino Shofet, revealed that Lynn had been privately battling esophageal cancer, and she peacefully departed on New Year’s Day.

Lynn, who gained fame on TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic, had over 17 million followers on the platform and 10 million YouTube subscribers. Despite her internet stardom, she was a highly educated MIT and Columbia graduate with a successful engineering career, proudly blazing a trail as a pioneering female engineer.

Introduced to TikTok by her videographer son, Lynn’s videos resonated with fans who considered her a virtual grandmother. She cherished the heartfelt comments from viewers who wished she were their grandmother.

Lynn’s success on social media was a family effort, with her son handling scriptwriting, videography, and editing. In her own words, “He really is the genius behind Cooking with Lynja. I just show up.”

Our condolences go out to Lynn’s family during this difficult time.

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