Ben And Jerry Have A Message For All White People

Following the Capitol insurrection, Ben & Jerry’s, known for advocating social justice, released a statement addressing white supremacy. The ice cream company urged white individuals to combat white supremacy and take action against systemic racism.

In their statement on January 11, 2021, Ben & Jerry’s emphasized the January 6 events were driven by white supremacy, stating, “The white mob that invaded the US House and Senate is the embodiment of white privilege.”

The company noted the dichotomy on that day—high Black voter turnout resulting in the election of the first Black and Jewish senators, and a violent, mostly white mob attempting to undermine democracy.

Ben & Jerry’s emphasized both Americas must be acknowledged. The way society responds to such events will shape the future. They called for accountability for police actions, highlighting the lack of police accountability due to doctrines like qualified immunity.

Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, urged criminal justice reform and emphasized the importance of police accountability for rebuilding trust between communities and law enforcement.