At a Mexico City press event on May 22, promoting her movie “Atlas,” Jennifer faced an inappropriate question about her marriage. A reporter asked about the rumors, prompting her co-star, Simu Liu, to interject, saying, “We’re not doing that. Thank you so much, guys.” Jennifer laughed off the initial question but grew serious when the reporter persisted, stating, “You know better than that.” Simu urged the reporter to change their approach. Simu then praised Jennifer’s dedication to the movie, highlighting her influence as a producer and her passion for representation and diversity.

The media frenzy around Bennifer continues. Sources told The Post the couple is “taking time apart,” and People magazine reported their marriage “is not in the best place.” Ben Affleck added intrigue by hiding his ring finger from paparazzi, switching his wedding ring between hands and sometimes not wearing it at all. Reports suggest Ben has moved out and is living in a Brentwood rental, while Jennifer searches for new homes. Despite the scrutiny, Jennifer and Ben remain resilient. They deserve privacy to resolve their challenges and find happiness.